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The nomads in the Tromt’har Valley maintain the many prayer flag “trees” at the sacred locations associated with Tromge Gonpa throughout the area.   Down at the river, below the gonpa, as the monks and lamas from the monastery did protector practices, the nomads took down the old prayer flags and tossed them in the river, then raised new flags on the central posts.

When all was done, they jumped on their horses and with whooping war cries galloped three times around the flags, threw small paper prayers into the air, and galloped off.

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Tromge Monastery is located the T’hromt’har Valley in Eastern Tibet, the winter home for nomadic familiess who support, and are served by, the monastery.   In the summer, the herdsmen follow their yaks to grazing lands at higher altitudes.  When we visited in the summer of 2007,  a group of herdsmen descended to the valley to take part in activities.

They also put on a horse riding competition for our enjoyment and theirs. It goes like this:  White scarves are laid on the ground a few meters apart and the riders, at top speed, dip from their saddles to pluck the scarves  from the ground.  (The rider’s horse is led by another horse and rider to keep the following horse on track while its rider hangs from its side.)

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