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Senge Khadro and Lama Drimed

The Orgyen Dzambhala (wealth) practice and Tendrel Nyesel (auspicious interdependence) practices, traditionally done at New Years, were again performed at Rigzdin Ling, the weekend after Losar.

Sound Offerings during Orgyen Dzambhala

Click here for a slide show with pictures of the sangha doing practice, as well as Lama Drimed, Senge Khadro, and Lama Thubden.

Wishing you all an auspicious and prosperous new year!!

Dudjom Rinpoche

Even before  Chagdud Rinpoche established his seat in the West at Rigzdin Ling, he brought us the tradition of a ten-day Vajrakilya retreat ending on New Year’s day.  This particular practice, a vision of the very great teacher Dudjom Lingpa,  pacifies the effects of previous karma and clears away obstacles for the coming year.  His Holinesss Dudjom Rinpoche, incarnation of Dudjom Lingpa, said  that the Vajrakilya practice would be of great benefit in North America.
teachings on Buddhahood without MeditationAt the beginning of the retreat, Lama Drimed gave the empowerment and teachings for the Vajrakilya practice–the first time in several years.  Encouraged by the receptivity of the sangha, he decided to give the oral transmission for Dudjom Lingpa’s visionary account, “Refining One’s Perception”, the Nang-jang, one of the mainstays of Chagdud Rinpoche’s  dzogchen teachings.

Reading Chagdud Rinpoche's comments.

Each day, during tsok, a student who had received those teachings from Rinpoche, shared a personal account of  Rinpoche, and then read one of the chapters, or visions aloud.  Lama Drimed also gave  teachings and read from the text.

[Click on the photos for two slide shows of Lama Drimed teaching].

At one stage of the retreat, a ceremony, called the dogpa,  is performed outside.   This year the ceremony was elaborated with the inclusion of four lama dancers.  A slide show can be found here.

On the last full day of the retreat, the otherwise rainy weather cooperated again so that the retreatants could move outside for a fire offering ceremony.

[click on the picture for slides]

During the retreat, a feast offering is performed each day.  Sometimes the feast is enjoyed in silence, and other times musical and other offerings are performed.  This year was marked by the surprise debut of the Rigzdin Ling Salsa Dancers, who had been practicing in secret for months for this moment.

Rigzdin Ling Salsa Dancers

Salsa, Tsok & Sanga--slides

A slide show of the sangha, the salsa dancers, and musical offerings during the retreat is here.]

Then on the morning of the new year, which was also Valentine’s Day, Lama Drimed joyfully announced that he has  recognized Lihi Eliaz  as his Dzogchen Lineage Holder.  Lama Drimed spoke of her exceptional qualities, their relationship, and the strong interdependence that led him to recognize her place in the lineage he carries.  He spoke of her mirror-like qualities, and presented her with a mirror he had fashioned out of a raw piece of metal given to him by Chagdud Rinpoche for that purpose.  Lihi, now known as Senge Khadro, offered prostrations to the sangha, and received their heartfelt response.

Senge Khadro & Lama Drimed

We wish Senge Khadro accomplishment of her retreat and all her aspirations, and a very long life!  Slides of the occasion are here.

At the end of the day, as some of the staff went back to their desks, computers, and Facebook, we received the  news that the tulku of our beloved teacher, Chagdud Rinpoche, has been recognized, an extremely joyful finale to a week of joyful surprises.

Chagdud Yangsi

The Vajrakilya Drubchod is held annually to coincide with Losar, the Tibetan New Year’s.  The ten day retreat, which clears away obstacles for the coming year, includes a practice in which  negativities are symbolically burned.  After this section, called the dogpa, is competed, the participants return to the shrine room, not looking back.  This year lama dancing was performed outside the door of Tara House before participants returned freshly to the shrine room.

A slide show and album can be viewed here.

Rigzdin Ling

Every year Jigme Rinpoche holds a Vajrakilya retreat at the western New Year.  Photos of this year’s retreat are here.