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As part of the Essence of Siddhi drubchen, the sangha went outside to participate in a fire ceremony.

An album of high-definition photographs is here.

Here is a YouTube slide show, with a sound track.

Lama Choyang
Lama Choyang

At the close of the Essence of Siddhi drubchod at Rigzdin Ling, Lama Drimed, as the Spiritual Director of Chagdud Gonpa, ordained Allison Rader as a lama.

During the tsok, after Brian Kraus had set up and began playing his guitar, Lama Drimed took Allison for a gentle dance duet, than placed a garland around her.  He talked of their long teacher-student relationship and his confidence in her qualities.

Lama Drimed then presented her with a conch shell that was especially dear to him.  He gave her the lama name  Lama Padma Chokyi Yangchan, which means, “she who sings the melody of the dharma.”  Just as you can hold the conch to your ear and hear the ocean, Lama Drimed said, listening to Allison’s speech, you can hear the dharma.

Click on the picture above for a photo album of her ordination.

Consecrating Prayer Wheels at Rigzdin Ling

After a lengthy period of repair and replacement the mechanisms that turn the prayer wheels at Rigzdin Ling were installed in November.  During the Essence of Siddhi retreat, Lama Drimed, the staff,  and retreat participants consecrated the prayer wheels.  Click here, or on the photos to see more photos.

Rigzdin Ling lamas and sangha at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving at Rigzdin Ling (click on photo)

The morning before Thanksgiving, and the conclusion of the Essence of Siddhi retreat, I walked around and took a few pictures….

….click on the photo for the complete album.